Preparing Yourself


1 Month before the procedure|

You should start paying extra attention to your scalp to keep it as healthy as possible for your hair transplant. Begin massaging your scalp for 10 to 30 minutes every day. This way, you will balance your blood flow and prepare your scalp for surgery.

Stay out of the sun. It will be hard to work on burned skin. Please use a hat or umbrella and avoid excess sun exposure.

Please let us know all the medications and supplements that you are taking. We do not want to risk any medications or supplements interfering with the medications we’ll give you pre and post-surgery. We will ask you to stop certain supplements and medications before your procedure.

10 Days before the procedure

Don’t cut or dye your hair.

Don’t eat greasy or fatty foods.

7 Days before the procedure

No consumption of alcohol and smoking, if possible. If not, the consumption should be reduced to a minimum – It slows down blood circulation and may cause malnutrition of the transplanted grafts.

5 Days before the procedure

Stop taking blood thinners (if you have to, please inform our team and get approval from our doctor).

  • Do not drink energy drinks or alcohol
  • 1 Day before the procedure
  • Relax, sleep well and drink a lot of fluids.
Preparing For The Travel


– Do not eat junk or fast food to protect yourself from “Traveler’s Diarrhea.”

– Check your ID and your Passport for the expiration date. Your passport must be valid for at least six more months.

– Make your visa check, if necessary, apply for a visa at

– Turn on your mobile phone for international calls

– If you want to bring cash: You can take up to 9,999 Euro tax-free and unannounced with you to Turkey

– Plan your arrival in Turkey one day before your hair transplant. This will help you recover before the operation.

What to pack

– You’ll be given shampoo, and spray foam that can’t be carried by hand, so you should bring a suitcase.

To use it after the surgery, you can bring a travel pillow.

– Bring comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes with you (Wide neck – zipper, front open, or with the button.)

As of June 1, 2022, COVID-19 entry regulations have been lifted in Turkey.

You don’t need a PCR test or a Vaccination Card.

Recommendation: Check the Vaccination Card

Recommendation: If not available, take out health insurance abroad.

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