The First Week After The Operation

A surgical dressing is applied to the transplanted area after hair transplantation to avoid infection. The surgeon examines the donor and transplant areas before discharging you from the hospital. And then, your driver drops you off at your hotel to rest, and he picks you up the next morning for your follow-up. At the following day’s control appointment, the dressing is taken off.

You will notice a few tiny crusts or scabs in the recipient area and tiny red holes in the donor area following the hair transplant process. They are common, and they recover on their own in the upcoming 10 to 15 days.

After any hair transplant procedure in the days and weeks, a few things should be avoided. Most importantly, do not touch the transplanted area. The transplanted grafts are still quite loose immediately after the procedure. Touching or rubbing the site runs the risk of causing the grafts to fall off.

Any strenuous activity should be avoided for 15 days immediately after the transplant. Activities such as sports, sexual intercourse, heavy work, and even forceful blowing may cause the loosening of the grafts. It is also recommended to keep your head as high as possible during this time.

Finally, avoiding direct sunlight, seawater, or pool water is crucial during the healing process. Showering is acceptable, but avoid direct water pressure on your scalp.

Side Effects

Hair transplant surgeries are outpatient, less invasive treatments. However, minor side effects could appear a few days or weeks after the procedure. These are typically small, short-lived, and easily treatable. The most common side effects as the following:


Some patients may experience facial and eye swelling a few days after hair transplantation. This swelling goes away over the next 3-5 days. If the swelling is bothersome, apply ice or a cold compress, drink plenty of water and rest well; medication is not required or recommended.


Some or moderate itching at the transplant area is a normal healing process. This itching can continue up to 7 days after the operation. Please try to avoid scratching the transplant or donor areas.


A burning sensation in the donor area is also expected for up to 5 days after surgery – you can apply ice on your donor area. And also, it is recommended to apply moisturizing lotion to the donor area more than 3-4 times a day.


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